We have the experience to in the industry.
  • Nearly 200 combined years of experience in the produce field
M.G.I uses the most current and progressive technology.
  • Thermotech Banana Ripening Equipment
  • HighJump Warehouse Management System
  • Voice Recognition System
  • Total Lot Tracking
  • Wireless & Paperless - No error or waste
  • Detailed tracking of incoming and outgoing shipments - Full tracability from farm to fork
 Don't reduce your F.O.B.
  • Just call and we will get your product moved.
 We are flexible to your needs!
  • M.G.I. Produce reacts quickly to the needs of the grower, getting it from your farm to the customer in less than a week.

 Discounts are passed directly to the end user.
  • It is our policy to pass the savings directly to the customer thus bringing them back.

 Retail ready from the field to the display.
  • Lettuce wrapped in the field? Next stop - our display.

 The ability to sell quality regardless of size.
  • We can change sizes, use a little or a lot & react right now - not 2 weeks from now.

 The highest business practices.
  • Pays in 10 days per PACA standards.
 Market advocacy
    MarcsLogo.jpg •Marc's Deep Discount Stores
Nearly 60 locations throughout Northeast and Central Ohio
"We associate ourselves with the best growers and suppliers in the world so that we may supply our customers with the highest quality products available. We define quality by appearance, taste, variety, and freshness. "